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John Pennachio is a 35 year veteran of the financial services industry and a Florida resident for over 50 years. John was the founder and CEO of Highmark Securities and High Mark Financial which grew to 150 financial specialists, and was eventually sold to a large company in 2004. He also served as the President of a large insurance agency with offices nationwide. As the founder of Safety 1st Financial, Mr. Pennachio…

These three Safe Retirement Solutions are based on very simple yet powerful precept:


Guaranteed Growth

It’s not too much to expect a competitive return on your investment. We believe you should “grow it and keep it” versus risking your retirement in the market and possibly having losses when you need your money most. Safety First strives to provide competitive solutions for a secure and successful retirement.


Guaranteed Safety

Safety always matters most and is the first consideration in anything we do.  As a matter of fact, we have never lost one dime of our client’s funds due to the stock market.  Just because the stock market has its ups and downs doesn’t mean your retirement has to. 


Guaranteed Income

Having access to your funds so you can meet your financial obligations is what income planning is designed to do.  Guaranteed Income takes it a step further to give you peace of mind knowing you will have enough income to last a lifetime.



Safety 1st Financial is built on a foundation of principles that guide us every day. All of our representatives are highly accomplished, knowledgeable and fully licensed. We proudly represent some of the oldest and strongest financial institutions in the world. Safety 1st Financial believes that the more you know about your money and how it can work for you, the more you will appreciate our services. We offer better rates and higher yields with no fees paid by you. We have developed a unique approach that focuses on the preservation of principal, in addition to educating you on the problems you will encounter in retirement. We believe that you have worked hard for your money, protecting and growing your nest egg is what we do best. Our clients are not interested in gambling their retirement savings. For that reason, we do not offer any financial vehicle that places your principal at risk.



To secure your financial safety throughout your retirement.

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